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The 21st Century Good Life?

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Raised beds

This year I am going to try raised beds, mainly because i had such trouble with weeding and keeping grass away from the edges of my beds last year. Hopefully they will become 'no-dig' beds a la Bob Flowerdew.
As you can see from the picture below i have not filled it to the top with compost as i will be mixing it with topsoil when it has settled a bit. The plastic mesh is to stop the cat from going to the toilet in it. I have more to make (because one isn't enough - 7ft x 3.5ft), hopefully this weekend but so much time seems to be taken up with building the house at the minute I never seem to get an hour to myself.

This second picture is of a bed from last year 'converted' into a sort of semi raised bed. I planted my garlic in there a few weeks back so it should be resting nicely in there. Its not yet finished because I made it with scrap wood I had lying around and i haven't found a piece for the other end yet :) donmcfeely@gmail.com

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Say hello to... the chickens

This is a picture of some of my chickens. I currently have 4 Rhode Island Red, 1 new Hampshire, 2 white silkies and 3 black pekin bantams. They all get on wonderfully and help to keep weeds and grass down around trees.
The RIRs and the New Hampshire I hatched myself (along with another new hampshire which died - see previous post entitled 'dead chicken') whilst I got the silkies and the pekins through a friend. I have had the RIRs since June and I found 4 was just not enough I always buy the local farm newspapers to keep an eye out for a bargain.

My coop is big enough for a few more birds and when its full, well... another coop isn't going to cost much to build is it? ;) If you dont have much space in the garden it doesn't matter because they dont take up much room get some and you will never regret it!