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The 21st Century Good Life?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Save money... and the world!

Thats a catchy title if i do say so myself ;) I thought I'd have a little bit in the blog every couple of days with a suggestion of how to save money whilst caring for the environment at the same time.
I thought I'd start with the obvious one first which most people on A4A will be doing...

Simple really but not a lot of people do it because of various excuses - no time, no space, don't know how to - the list is endless.

Its easier than a lot of people think to get reasonable results. Okay if you want trusses and trusses of perfect tomatoes its a bit more work but if i can do it anyone can. I got 80 tomatoes from one plant the first time I tried growing tomatoes. Fare enough i only had one plant but its a good way to start.

A handy hint which people dont always think about when growing their own food is - only grow what you like to eat.

It also means that your broccoli hasn't came from Italy or your strawberries from Israel - thus saving the environment from harful emissions from aeroplanes and delivery trucks.

And you can be sure what chemicals have been sprayed on it - NONE!

Even if you only grow 0.05% of the food you eat per year its more than the 0% of a lot of people. Everyone doing a little bit can make a lot of difference.



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