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The 21st Century Good Life?

Monday, November 14, 2005

Save money... and the World!!! #2

A compost heap...

Not pretty, but practical.

This goes hand in hand with the first suggestion in Save money... and the world. All the old hedge trimming, cuttings, peelings, unused parts and most other organic waste can be composted. This make next years soil better because you are putting a bit of goodness back into it.
It coudn't be simpler, you can either buy a 'dalek' type composter from B&Q or your local council (which should be cheaper) OR make your own using old pallets which I did as you can see from the picture.
After you have your composter you simply keep adding stuff to it until it is full - wait 6 months to a year and the you can start using the stuff. Its amazing stuff and absolutely free - which is cheaper than buying it from a garden centre.
I got a great sense of satisfaction from my first 'harvest' of compost and it was great stuff. I have another full heap now for use next year and have another started for use the year after.

Even if you dont have a garden now but plan to in the future then get started, I started my compost heap a full year before I planned to plant veg in my garden. I planned in advance because I knew that I would need it come the time.

Try it and reap the rewards - ask neighbours and family if you could have their scraps, I did and mine certainly filled up more quickly than I could have imagined.

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