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The 21st Century Good Life?

Thursday, November 10, 2005


This afternoon a friend of mine (Chris) who helps me sometimes went down to paint the chicken coop while I was at a job interview and found one of them dead by the chicken run. The only mark on it was a small (1cm) cut on the shoulder where the wing joins its body. Chris also keep birds including chickens and he thinks that it died because of the shock of the attack. I thought because either Chris or myself would be around I would let them have the garden to themselves.
Velcro (the cat) is not a suspect because he was inside all day long and unless he can unlock and open a door then he's not to blame. There was a feral cat in the area a while back which attacked velcro on a few occasions but he had been away so long I thought he had left for good. But why would he leave the bird? - it was only a 4 months old bantam so it wouldn't be too big for him.
On closer inspection there were small cuts and scratches on the birds legs which only adds to the mystery.

I think from now on I will have to be on constant watch if they are out in the garden.

The one that died was one of a pair which my girlfriend called Jimmy and Choo (circled in the picture above - click to see a bigger pic), we never knew which one was which - so the decision has been made to call the dead one Jimmy. We were quite attached to them because we bought them as fertile eggs and hatched them ourselves.

R.I.P. Jimmy. July '05 - November '05 :(

if anybody has any theories email donmcfeely@gmail.com


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